Monday, May 5, 2008

Iron-y for Marvel

How cool is it that one of my favorite brands -- one of my reasons for living when I was a kid -- is rocking the free world today. Yep, Marvel Comics is now Marvel Enterprises and Stan Lee is king. The stock was interesting several years ago in the teens. In fact, there was a time when Stan Lee's status within the company was at stake (how wrong and evil that would've been). That's when I first realized they even existed as a publicly-traded company. But the issues worked out. Marvel's evolution into producing its own films worked out. The run from 24 in mid-March to 33 today is amazing. All because of today's bullish forecast by the company, as well as Iron Man, the $100-million superstar this weekend.

I can fret, and so can my lifelong friends who also grew up hooked on Marvel Comics ... but didn't go long MVL. But there will be a pullback sooner or later. No sense buying at these levels, up 37% in two months.