Monday, March 19, 2012

Enderle: This is not what Jobs wanted

Not long or short AAPL, haven't been for some time. If I were long, though, I'd have big concerns about the creation of this dividend. Has any dividend done any stock good before? At best, it's usually the sign of stagnation financially and creatively.

Fox: Enderle on Apple's dividend

Enderle's not the only critic of this tactic. Motley Fool had questions about the possibility back in November.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Finnie rally endeth?

Doug Kass (on Fast Money) says he sold his positions in the financials on Tuesday.

"They've hit their highs for the year," he claims.

 I don't doubt him. But I'm not 100% convinced about this being the peak. Underneath all the flim-flam, this is still an election year and this is still just mid-March. There are still a whopping number of politicians trying to get re-elected to their congressional payola jobs. My guess is the market keeps rallying in varying degrees until the election.

After that?


Saturday, March 10, 2012

streetmoney21: Fed, ECB and ponzi

Academy hand-poured

They stopped making these at the end of 2011. Wish I'd gotten a few. I didn't because it was pricey, a hefty premium from spot. Criterion bought Academy, from what I understand, so the new "chunky" silver bars are labeled with the new name. The big difference is that the new bars aren't chrome-like and shiny.

This video is from 2010.

MoneyBags73: Queen's broker buys gold

Funny and true. The queen says not buying gold is masochistic and may require medical attention.