Tuesday, November 22, 2011


5:15 p.m. Kept tabs on the market this morning. Surprised the IMF's announcement didn't kick-start the market much more. Lack of liquidity is hurting bulls. No real solutions in sight, as expected. But still, I expected the banksters to do more at this point. We'll see. Still all cash and watching from afar.

FAZ daily
So much for falling off a cliff, for FAZ is back

FAZ daily
Piercing through the upper trendline, but for how long?

FAZ daily
Declining volume, tough to see FAZ staying above 50
without a retest first

FAS daily
Really, what a disappointment for bankster bulls

FAS daily
That gap down yesterday and today's sluggish trading, not good

FAS daily
Volume in FAS fairly strong, which tells me that FAZ's rise has
everything to do with outflows and pullouts from finnie stocks, re: BAC

AGQ daily
Not sold on silver spot price and the 3x ETN, but this is significant

AGQ daily
Rising volume. rising price in a down market

DGP daily
Not as perky as silver/AGQ today

DGP daily
So-so volume

DGP daily
Hanging man candle on the gold 2x ETN not a good sign

Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday cinema & library

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Bloomberg: CME may face 'liability' in MF Global disclosure (Nov 21)
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Eye candy

Yellow is mellow

Yellow is a cheerful and bright color.

Wendy Fiore


3:16 p.m. I love to yammer on about how the banksters have us all set up. You don't think they've shorted this market? You don't think they even short themselves? Hell yeah they do! They're freaking banksters, remember? All they want is to make profits, nothing else matters. So yeah, you bet your ass they're banking through this downswing, kneecapping every hedge fund and retail trader that went long a week or two ago. They know shit is hitting the fan. So do you and so do I. But do we dive in headfirst?

I liked FAZ at 45. Liked it more at 40. It hit 35 and I was surprised. From there, I really thought the banksters would seize control and send the market into a year-end eruption to new highs. But they actually can't control things in Europe as quickly or smoothly as they can control the Fed and the White House.

So we have FAZ rising to 50 (closing above 49) while FAS fizzles. Where do they go from here? I totally believe in the psychology of round numbers. People are like that. They wince and pucker at certain round numbers and 50 is one of them. I'll watch from the sideline with my binoculars now and then, but it's too busy for me anyway to pay too much attention to the market. Just be cautious out there. Traps are everywhere.

FAZ daily
Today's round of lame news had FAZ roaring higher

FAZ daily
Pushing the higher trendline or gravity kicking in?
Hanging man candle means little with headline risk dominating

FAS daily
Returning to those basement levels again

FAS daily
Generally it's a bad idea to buy anything that has a reverse split.
BAC and FAS come to mind

Friday, November 18, 2011


12:10 am (Hawaii) Sure enough, the market is tanking this week as Europe looks typically frazzled and anemic, and banksters are taking their time diving in to save their underlings across the pond. It's just a matter of time. Until they actually get the fiat printing presses humming 24/7/365, they'll let the market tank deeper and deeper. All the better to scoop up cheap stocks. In the meantime, they churn traders out, shaking out all the money in their wallets and pockets through pure volatility (and margin calls).

I'm glad I stayed out for the past week or two. Work has been to busy anyway, but there's a peace that comes with living life almost normally rather than fret over the whims of the indices, the ups and downs and ups and downs of FAS and FAZ and gold and silver.

FAZ's run to 48 today was a stunner to see on the chart when I finally let myself look at it a few minutes ago. I didn't think it would trade out of its range (35-44) this soon. I'm not tempted one bit to nibble here. No amount of occupying will save the fractional reserve banking system in the long run, but that's still a ways off. No way the banksters relinquish power anytime soon, but I sure think FAZ eventually rockets to 81 again, then 100. I'll wait for a retest of 35 first.

FAZ daily
Quite the ride

FAZ daily
Monster volume yesterday (Thursday)

FAZ daily
Time for a dip in the 44 & below pool?

FAS daily
The recent run has been bushwacked, hasn't it?

FAS daily
That's a whole lotta bailing out of a sinking ship

FAS daily
This can't be going to 52 or 44, can it? 

FAS daily
Maybe yesterday was the blowoff sell day to end
this drop, but it sure doesn't feel like it

DGP daily
Freaky view of this gold 2x ETF

DGP daily
Simpler view isn't necessarily more bullish at all

AGQ daily
Quite ugly, but clean in a sorta neat way

VXX daily
Due for another mini dip? Charts at this point
are nothing but visual candy because Euro
monetary chaos is out of control

I remain completely seated and satiated in the bleachers. No playing in this farce of a market. 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011


2:06 pm (Hawaii) I suppose life has its ups and downs, but like life, the market will hit lulls. Volatility, yes, but basically, it's in a range now and that hardly has a chance of changing until the fiat printing presses are at full speed. The banksters are not going to let Europe fail as long as their cold, boney fingers remain clutched around the necks of these politicians.

FAS daily
Going nowhere no how?

FAS daily
Touch the trendline, bah-boiiinnng!

FAZ daily
Floor at 35 and heading . . . sideways?

FAZ daily
Ran above the pennant, then kneecapped into the close

Monday, November 14, 2011


3:58 pm (Hawaii) Afterhours trading ended an hour ago. FAS finished down 4.6% today, but closed with strength as the indices cut today's losses by around half in the final hour or two. I didn't watch much. FAZ finished higher by 4.3%, but at 41.73 is well off its high of the day, 42.90.

FAZ daily
Narrow range compared to the previous months

FAZ daily
Up for today, but the hanging man candle and
paltry volume are more evidence of wishy-washyness.

FAS daily
Strong volume and a bullish candle - could it be?

FAS daily
Down for the day, but the bears just can't take
the banksters down for the full count

I remain all cash. The whipsaw, washing-machine effect isn't worth the time and risk at this point.

1. Fiat currency printing will be out of hand not long after the press men get the word

2. The market will likely rally huge, but eventually, the Grim Reaper will settle all bets. 

2012 is near

9:32 am (Hawaii) Just chillin today, have not looked at a thing to do with the market. Plenty of work to do. But this music helps get the flow going.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


3:25 pm (Hawaii) Paid occasional visits to the market today. Just did some work, watered the plants, enjoyed this rare day of cool, overcast weather in normally hot Honolulu. Though the indices finished higher, it felt artificial in that last couple of hours, dropping from around +160 on the Dow to around +40 or so, before rallying to +112. AAPL dropped 2.5% to 385, FAS finished up 1.3% and had that cute little 1:5 reverse split.

AGQ and DGP both finished red. After a big up day Monday, a major down day Tuesday, today felt more like consolidation Wednesday than a clear pivot point. I remain off the field, on the bleachers until there's some semblance of logic and reason in this environment. I continue to believe that eventually FAZ goes back to 81, then to 100, so I should just get my FAZ and forget about it, right? Maybe. I'm a cheapskate, so the next time FAZ tests support (now 35) and holds, I might be in again. I don't buy all this "Europe is about to collapse" propaganda. It's always this kind of scenario before the banksters get their way and the market rips to highs.

But the longer they pull puppet strings and keep the market down, the more inclined I am to buying a few more gold and silver coins. The fiat printing machine is humming, no question about it. Just a matter of time. Beyond that, shit could hit the fan a year from now. Five years from now. It's a matter of time.

FAZ daily
Why isn't FAZ back at 81? Exactly.
The market talks scared, but in reality, it's just
waiting for the fiat currency presses to run.

FAZ daily
Banksters are probably thinking, let's drive this thing to zero. 
Meanwhile, the toxic waste of their decisions is burning under
the old rug. 

FAS daily
Up? Down? Both FAS and FAZ are well off recent highs.
Shorting both is clearly the smart move, if that floats your boat.

FAS daily
The 1:5 split is a cute move, but ultimately just gives FAS plenty
of room to the downside. Again. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated 830 pm HST)


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12:36 pm (Hawaii) Getting a lot of work done early in the day now that I'm not obsessing over a schizoid market. Yesterday, Italy's chief announced he would step down under conditional terms and the market zoomed. Today, Italy bonds get out of control (again) and the Dow loses 389 points (3.2%). The action was not gray area at all. AAPL sank 2.7% to 395. Financials were fugly.

BAC -5.2% to 6.19, WFC -5.4%, AIG -6.3%, IRE -6.5%, NBG -6.8%, JPM -7.2%, UBS -7.7%, C -8%, STD -8.2%, GS 8.2%, BBVA -8.3%, MS -8.7%, HBC -9.1%, ETFC -9.4%, JEF -10.4%, RBS -11.1%, DB -11.2%.

FAS shrank 14.8%. FAZ went from 39 yesterday to 43+ today with very little selloff into the close. In fact, after I got up, it dropped below 43 to the mid-42s, then ran up above 43.50. On big volume. If you're like me, you know AAPL leads the retail market, and AAPL's selloff today on large volume with that hanging man candle looks simply horrible.

Technicals do not tell us what's going to happen, and they are the mercy of headline risk. But they do provide a visual into the global monetary chaos, and what a friggin mess.

Below, some charts and that includes TVIX, which was up 37% freaking percent! I remain in the bleachers sipping a hot cocoa, cash under the mattress.

FAZ daily
No matter how much weight the banksters have behind their
punch, they can't find resolution to the toxic assets near and far.

FAZ daily
Major move today on heavy volume but I suspect this stays in a 
range between 36 and 44. A break above 44 would tempt.

FAS daily
The breakout momentum was doused today but volume
was not totally indicative of a definite avalanche.

FAS daily
Big move post-pennant? I should've said moves, as in plural!

DGP daily
Down 1.7% today, which makes no sense considering the
mega-printing of fiat that is due globally. Soon.

AAPL daily
One hell of an ugly candle.  

AAPL daily
The move lower was on significant volume.

UUP daily
Mad US dollar!

TVIX daily
37% in one day? This closed at 46.04 yesterday.

TVIX daily
The Italian-German-French-Greek soap opera continues in 
As The Euro Central Bank Turns. Tomorrow's episode: 
Happy bedroom talk resumes and TVIX loses half of
today's enormous gain.