Monday, September 29, 2008

Is this it?

Is this any semblance of a bottom? Probably not. Even though Congress had the sense not to fork over $700 billion of taxpayers' money to the same fools who got the credit markets into this mess ... it still sucks for everyone, the rich, the working man with 401(k) plans dried up.

Here's how bad things went the past few months, and with another "Black Monday," where my formerly favorite stocks are as of today.

POT 131
ISRG 251
MA 168
FSLR 180
MCD 60
IBM 114
PTR 96
DIS 29
FLS 81
AAPL 105
CHL 45
GOOG 381
GS 120
CEO 107
BIDU 231
NKE 65

Those are just some of them. They are in critical condition, but they'll survive.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

What in the world ...

Several months ago, I just stopped. No more CNBC. No more drooling (or tweaking) over one stock, two stocks, 10 stocks. It just made no sense anymore, being awake at ungodly hours (Hawaii Standard Time) while the market teetered and tottered.

Guess what? Life has been life. Full of joy. Full of pain. Full of thankfulness. Full of regret. What I mean is, I've gotten to live without thinking twice, or even once, about this or that, about every freaking twist of this ridiculous market and economy.

Now that the Dow has plunged another 600 points, I can't say I regret not being a bull in a bearish market. It was worth it to be on the sideline. Things happen for a reason. Strange reasons sometimes. I think I'll stay out for quite awhile and just keep living. Enjoying.

Sooner or later, this market will turn around. The downturn won't go on forever. I hope I'll be ready then.