Saturday, July 3, 2010

Bite out of big Apple

Some Apple propaganda and hate for the weekend.

On Apple's statement about iPhone reception strengths Fscked (Richard Gaywood)
Letter from Apple regarding iPhone 4
Apple PR: Steve Jobs iPhone 4 'conversation' is a fake Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
Exclusive: Conversation with Steve Jobs on the iPhone 4 antenna problems BGR
JP Morgan ups Apple target to $390 Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
Linda and Kevin win race to sue Apple Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
Apple has known about iPhone signal display problems since late 2008 Silicon Alley (Nick Saint)
Apple will fix iPhone glitch Wall Street Journal (Yukari Iwatani Kane and Roger Cheng)
Apple will sell 12 million iPhones to Verizon subscribers for $7 billion Silicon Alley (Henry Blodget)
Verizon Wireless said to get Apple iPhone in January Bloomberg (Amy Thomson)

AAPL 3-year chart (weekly)

AAPL 2-year chart (weekly)

AAPL 1-month chart (daily)

AAPL 10-day chart (hourly)

AAPL 5-day chart (15-minute)

AAPL 1-day chart (1-minute)

AAPL vs. QID, VXX, S&P 500 (1-day chart)

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