Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday night library & cinema

Reuters: Spain says market are closing to it as G7 confers (June 5)
Lucas Krupinski: Take a pass on leveraged ETFs (June 5)
Sam Ro: Barclays says a 1980-style market rally is on the table (June 5)
Nicole Foss: 2008 was practice run compared to what comes next (June 4)
Tyler Durden: China purchases record 100 tons of gold in April from Hong Kong (June 4)
Tyler Durden: Now, courtesy of Bridgewater... it's Italy's turn (June 4)
Kenneth Schortgen Jr: Market rumor - Pimco, JPMorgan halt vacations to prepare for economic crash (June 3)
Reggie Middleton: Dead bank deja vu? (June 1)
Dan Norcini: The futility of QE (June 1)

CNBC: Kaminsky accuses Morgan Stanley of painting the tape (June 4)

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