Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Fibs and Apples (updated)

Well, that 546 (Fibonacci) level I've waited for is getting closer. AAPL dropped to 556 several minutes ago due to 1) profit taking and 2) supposed low iPhone activation stats released by AT&T. Something like that. Whatever. I'm not a buyer of AAPL above 600 nor do I believe people are going to stop buying iPhones, especially when the iPhone 5 comes out. Heck I want one too though I probably won't get one. I just understand the fury and obsession over it.

I just haven't appreciated that fury and obsession quite enough. Otherwise I wouldn't have sold at 106 or 257. For now, keeping a close eye on AAPL. It's down 2.6% for the day to 556.49, pulling the NAS down while the DJ and S&P are up.

Update 10:38 am (Hawaii) I picked up a 1/4 position in AAPL at 560.40 just before the bell. Not much risk, my opinion. After hours, I looked away from my screen for a few seconds and AAPL bounced to 581. Even while it was rising to 585, Maria Bartiromo and her guests on CNBC were still unaware for about 20, 30 seconds. I added the other 3/4 position in AAPL at 589. Blowout quarter. No surprise.

11.8 mil iPads sold
35.1 mil iPhones sold

And that was a "slow" quarter as many iPhone fans await iPhone 5 out later this year. The upside remains gargantuan. Apple bulls talking about less than 5% of the European market, plenty of room to grow there. I didn't get my 546. AAPL hit a floor at 555 today. The only factor(s) that could keep this below 600 and 700 from here is the external market, i.e. global conditions.

Update 11:05 am (Hawaii) AAPL staying above 600 (for now). Below, footage from an iPhone 4 release in 2010 in the Bay Area.

Update 12:31 pm (Hawaii) After dipping to 595+, AAPL ran back up to 602+ and is now hovering at 600-601 after hours.

An observation about Twitter, Apple and positioning. Is Twitter the next shoe to drop (for $10 billion)?

More chatter online about China growth. China revs for Q2 were $7.9 billion. This video below shows how crazy it can get there when new Apple products are released. This was from last May (or so).

From 2010, the first iPad release in Beijing

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