Wednesday, April 25, 2012

A fine time for Apple w(h)ine

Work is done. It is night. I can't stop. I keep returning to the task at hand. When is the right time to get back into AAPL? I can't argue against taking a one-day profit after a 9% gain. No way. But Apple Inc has so many positives under its wings, it is ludicrous to waste time, energy and resources investing or trading anywhere else. That's a bit extreme to say, but you get the gist.

AAPL rides on big waves, i.e. catalysts. There's none in the near term, but the next one could be a deal with China Telecom, which has 660 million users. Thinking longer term, it's insanity to ever sell AAPL shares with that kind of potential. If I had a much larger account, sure, I'd invest with a long-term position and trade around it. But getting in and out suits my approach (and modest funds), hopefully with lush results this year.

Here's Bloomberg's report on Apple including the China Telecom reference.

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