Monday, April 30, 2012

Head games

I like ZAGG. The stock that is. I know nothing about its products. Same with Skullcandy (SKUL), which makes those outrageous earphone headset things. SKUL reports earnings tomorrow. The stock is up significantly in the past week, but has flattened out a bit going into tomorrow. Should be real interesting to see tomorrow's price action pre-earnings.

Is it a better play than ZAGG? One investor thinks ZAGG may be the perfect (growth) stock. Skullcandy just has more interesting advertising, don't you think?

Note on SKUL: Float is just 8.33M, 42.5% held by institutions and short pct is 131% (as of Apr 13). Incredible and hard to believe. It's run from 12 to 17 since late January. Pulled back to just above 15 recently, up 2.9% to 16.12 today. No idea where it goes after (or before) earnings tomorrow.

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