Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Furious anger awaiteth?

12:02 am (Hawaii) "Awaiteth" surely can't be a word, but I like the way it sounds right after "furious anger." Here's another piece by one of my favorite stock bloggers, Le Fly. He's very somber, not a lick of humor. That kind of saddens me. Here, Fly asks, 'Can it possibly get any worse?'

I had my share of a bad trade or two this month. But I managed to avoid getting long and deep these past couple of days. That's nothing to be proud of; my quick triggers and paranoia prevent me (often) from those nice, large gains, while a pro like Le Fly banks and banks and banks. But he's up a river of worry right now. Hope it works out.

Scott Bleier, who blogs on Le Fly's site, suggests going all cash in the 401(k) before the market crashes. In an earlier blog, Bleier notes this:
This year is just like last year. And the year before. And being an election year won’t help. Remember what happened in 2008?

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