Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Tilson: Not covering GMCR

Whitney Tilson was right about GMCR even as it ran parabolically above 100 a year ago. Today, it closed at 49, then cratered after the bell on a horrendous earnings report. GMCR reopened at 35 and continued to sink, now trading at 28.81. 

Tilson was also right about NFLX awhile ago. He shorted it and gave up while NFLX was near its peak last year, but it eventually broke down and sank big time. I don't know if he continued to add short powder to it at those nosebleed levels, but it sounds like it. 

Tilson's fundamental analysis is supreme and inspiring. It might be too late to short GMCR, but a bullshit stock is a bullshit stock. I might actually short something one day. 

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