Monday, November 14, 2011


3:58 pm (Hawaii) Afterhours trading ended an hour ago. FAS finished down 4.6% today, but closed with strength as the indices cut today's losses by around half in the final hour or two. I didn't watch much. FAZ finished higher by 4.3%, but at 41.73 is well off its high of the day, 42.90.

FAZ daily
Narrow range compared to the previous months

FAZ daily
Up for today, but the hanging man candle and
paltry volume are more evidence of wishy-washyness.

FAS daily
Strong volume and a bullish candle - could it be?

FAS daily
Down for the day, but the bears just can't take
the banksters down for the full count

I remain all cash. The whipsaw, washing-machine effect isn't worth the time and risk at this point.

1. Fiat currency printing will be out of hand not long after the press men get the word

2. The market will likely rally huge, but eventually, the Grim Reaper will settle all bets. 

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