Monday, November 21, 2011

Monday cinema & library

Open Secrets: 15 Tea Party caucus freshmen rake in $3.5 million (Nov 21)
Le Fly: Prepare for the Dark Ages (Nov 21)
Cain Thaler: The commentators are sheer idiots (Nov 21)
Le Fly: Feel my rage (Nov 21)
Le Fly: Nothing to be thankful for (Nov 21)
Cain Thaler: Today has the makings of a washout (Nov 21)
Golden Truth: MF Global trustee: $1.2 billion missing (Nov 21)
Scott Bleier: Psycho killer (Nov 18)


bigdad06: Bite this apple Jamie! (Nov 21)
streetmoney21: CME lost all credibility (Nov 21)
RT: Guest John Perkins (Nov 21)
Christopher Greene: Expect bank runs and global war in 2012 (Nov 21)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Commodity broker leaves for ethical concerns! (Nov 21)

Bloomberg: CME may face 'liability' in MF Global disclosure (Nov 21)
MarketWatch: MF funds shortfall could top $1.2 bln: trustee (Nov 21)
Perth Mint: World's largest gold coin (Nov 21)

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