Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated 830 pm HST)


(new) Golden Truth: Don't get MF'd by Blackrock (Nov 9)
(new) Golden Truth: Stagflation sets in (Nov 9)
Zero Hedge: Did Merkel just usher in the deutsche mark? (Nov 9)
Reggie Middleton: What's that I heard about squids raising capital because they can't trade? (Nov 9)
Zero Hedge: Italy sparks market bloodbath: financial stocks collapse (Nov 9)
Le Fly: Murderholes (Nov 9)
Scott Bleier: Sometimes there are two sets of facts... (Nov 9)
Turd Ferguson: The Criminal Element, part deux (Nov 9)
Le Fly: Behold: Armageddon (Nov 9)
Cain Thaler: It is now official (Nov 9)
RaginCajun: Not quick enough (Nov 9)
Turd Ferguson: Bancarotta (Nov 9)
Zero Hedge: YTD equity fund outflows hit $112 billion (Nov 9)
Nicholas Pardini: It's not too late to short financials (Nov 9)
David White: Italy's 10-year bond yield passes 7% - another black swan event? (Nov 9)
Reggie Middleton: Italy's woes spell nightmare for NBP - just as I predicted (Nov 9)
SGS: Morning update (Nov 9)
Le Fly: Nuclear option is now on table (Nov 9)
RC Whalen: MF Global, repo-to-maturity and large bank OBS exposures (Nov 9)
Dominique de Kevelioc de Bailleul: Chinese to bust gold cartel (Nov 8)
(new) Peter Morici: Is Italy next to fall and will gold go to $3,000/oz (Nov 8)
Golden Truth: More on MF Global - it gets worse (Nov 6)

silverfuturist: Silver doesn't blow up when promises fail (Nov 9)
Hit the Bid: Krull to Arms (Nov 9)
James Turk: Guest Markus Kerber (Sept 30)


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