Tuesday, November 1, 2011

FAS vs FAZ - Early morning edition

1:57 am (Hawaii) Just a few minutes until we peons can participate in premarket trading. I have no idea if the Euro geniuses will come out with some crazy, unbelievable new "plan" that will save the market today. But for now, FAZ is up big and FAS is down big. FAZ, which I thought might open premarket at 42, is actually at 43.45. FAS is sinking toward 13. That's right, FAZ is already up 9.2%.

FAZ daily
Who knows what kind of shenanigans the puppeteers have
in pre-premarket for us peons. For now, looks like the banksters
got some 'splainin' to do.

FAZ daily
The banksters will win in the end, but it won't be a knockout.
Not even corporate-backed government can save every bank.
The process of elimination and consolidation will reek with
unfathomable and undeniable stench. There will be money to
be made in that ugliness. 

FAS daily
Quickly to 15 and 16, quicker back to 13?

FAS daily
So if everyone's sitting on the sideline, who moved the market 
up last week? Yes, of course. Big Brother to the rescue.
Again. Just like 2008.

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