Thursday, November 10, 2011


3:25 pm (Hawaii) Paid occasional visits to the market today. Just did some work, watered the plants, enjoyed this rare day of cool, overcast weather in normally hot Honolulu. Though the indices finished higher, it felt artificial in that last couple of hours, dropping from around +160 on the Dow to around +40 or so, before rallying to +112. AAPL dropped 2.5% to 385, FAS finished up 1.3% and had that cute little 1:5 reverse split.

AGQ and DGP both finished red. After a big up day Monday, a major down day Tuesday, today felt more like consolidation Wednesday than a clear pivot point. I remain off the field, on the bleachers until there's some semblance of logic and reason in this environment. I continue to believe that eventually FAZ goes back to 81, then to 100, so I should just get my FAZ and forget about it, right? Maybe. I'm a cheapskate, so the next time FAZ tests support (now 35) and holds, I might be in again. I don't buy all this "Europe is about to collapse" propaganda. It's always this kind of scenario before the banksters get their way and the market rips to highs.

But the longer they pull puppet strings and keep the market down, the more inclined I am to buying a few more gold and silver coins. The fiat printing machine is humming, no question about it. Just a matter of time. Beyond that, shit could hit the fan a year from now. Five years from now. It's a matter of time.

FAZ daily
Why isn't FAZ back at 81? Exactly.
The market talks scared, but in reality, it's just
waiting for the fiat currency presses to run.

FAZ daily
Banksters are probably thinking, let's drive this thing to zero. 
Meanwhile, the toxic waste of their decisions is burning under
the old rug. 

FAS daily
Up? Down? Both FAS and FAZ are well off recent highs.
Shorting both is clearly the smart move, if that floats your boat.

FAS daily
The 1:5 split is a cute move, but ultimately just gives FAS plenty
of room to the downside. Again. 

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