Friday, November 18, 2011


12:10 am (Hawaii) Sure enough, the market is tanking this week as Europe looks typically frazzled and anemic, and banksters are taking their time diving in to save their underlings across the pond. It's just a matter of time. Until they actually get the fiat printing presses humming 24/7/365, they'll let the market tank deeper and deeper. All the better to scoop up cheap stocks. In the meantime, they churn traders out, shaking out all the money in their wallets and pockets through pure volatility (and margin calls).

I'm glad I stayed out for the past week or two. Work has been to busy anyway, but there's a peace that comes with living life almost normally rather than fret over the whims of the indices, the ups and downs and ups and downs of FAS and FAZ and gold and silver.

FAZ's run to 48 today was a stunner to see on the chart when I finally let myself look at it a few minutes ago. I didn't think it would trade out of its range (35-44) this soon. I'm not tempted one bit to nibble here. No amount of occupying will save the fractional reserve banking system in the long run, but that's still a ways off. No way the banksters relinquish power anytime soon, but I sure think FAZ eventually rockets to 81 again, then 100. I'll wait for a retest of 35 first.

FAZ daily
Quite the ride

FAZ daily
Monster volume yesterday (Thursday)

FAZ daily
Time for a dip in the 44 & below pool?

FAS daily
The recent run has been bushwacked, hasn't it?

FAS daily
That's a whole lotta bailing out of a sinking ship

FAS daily
This can't be going to 52 or 44, can it? 

FAS daily
Maybe yesterday was the blowoff sell day to end
this drop, but it sure doesn't feel like it

DGP daily
Freaky view of this gold 2x ETF

DGP daily
Simpler view isn't necessarily more bullish at all

AGQ daily
Quite ugly, but clean in a sorta neat way

VXX daily
Due for another mini dip? Charts at this point
are nothing but visual candy because Euro
monetary chaos is out of control

I remain completely seated and satiated in the bleachers. No playing in this farce of a market. 

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