Thursday, November 3, 2011

FASter (updated 318 am HST)

2:32 am (Hawaii) FAS on the move again. Haven't read any headlines and the TV has been off all night. But FAS closed yesterday at 13.75 and is hovering above 14.20 now in premarket trading. Fib retrace would bring it down to 14.04.

Update 2:39 am A lot of speculation yesterday is becoming fact today, possibly, with the Greek PM stepping down today. That opens the door for a new PM, basically a puppet, and that would make the referendum "acceptable" to the United States of Europe, and allow Greece to bounce out of the Euro monetary system. Win-win for all sides, and from what I read yesterday, this trail of madness makes sense in its insane way. In other words, as Turd Ferguson and others have penned, the route to printing paper continues.

Catching up with all this news in Greece as I lay here in bed with my laptop, watching Bloomberg TV online. Yes, I am in bed with Betty Liu. Again.

Obama side by side with Sarkozy. Was this ever really going to fall apart? There's no way the banksters would have let that happen, not this week.

Update 2:47 am FAS made ludicrous surge from 14.15 to 14.53 (in a 2-minute span) before selling back down to 14.35. Bloomberg reporting that the new ECB boss is cutting the base interest rate. The puppet show is ON.

New Fib retrace level for FAS is now 14.23. Currently 14.36.

Update 3:18 am Betty now says Greece PM is "fighting on" and will not resign. I'm glad I'm not trading on these contrary bizarro headline news. FAS is holding at 14.36 so far, but 14.23 (Fib retrace) is in range. I don't like these wacko reports though. They're all lying, aren't they?

More likely, the Greece PM is Dr. Jekyll when he's corralled by Euro interests, then is back to Mr. Hyde when he is back home.

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