Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Coincidentally, with the 2,000th post on this little blog, I took a much-needed break. The string of losing trades, albeit with mostly tiny to small losses, wore me down. Couple that with a busy workload and blogging wasn't a priority for the past several days. I've known for a long time that I need to air out my thoughts in order to bring order. The clutter doesn't work for me, so I leave it all here for my own benefit. I wouldn't doubt it's the same for a lot of traders.

Looking at FAZ, FAS and DGP before the market opens wasn't something I particularly enjoyed. It's something I made myself do, at least to keep in touch with a small sliver of the market. I haven't made the time to keep track of the mess in the ECU or stateside and I frankly don't miss it. I'm sure the break will be extended.

FAZ daily
Breaking 42 wasn't something I assumed would happen.
35, I wrote awhile back, is where I'd really get interested.
Now we have a pennant for the first time in weeks.
I'll watch from the bleachers.

FAZ daily
Pre-premarket has FAZ trading below 40.

FAS daily
The run from sub-9 to 15-plus was sudden and severe. 
The banksters would not and will let Eurozone interests fail.

FAS daily
Like FAZ, a pennant has formed, which often indicates
a big move is coming soon.

DGP daily
Haven't kept track of gold and silver spot price in ages.
These trendlines are clearly bullish, but I've stayed out.

DGP daily
The trickeration of the puppeteers is a major reason
why I'm in no rush to leap into the fiery lake of gold

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