Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated 530 pm HST)

(new) Peter Brandt: What charts say about US stock market (Nov 1)
Turd Ferguson: MFing Global (Nov 1)
Lance Roberts: Fed trapped by inflation, there will be no QE3 tomorrow (Nov 1)
Reggie Middleton: Greco-Franco bank run has skipped pond, landed in NY/Chicago (Nov 1)
Zero Hedge: How US banks are lying about European exposure (Nov 1)
SGS: Carnage update (Nov 1)
Le Fly: Life could be worse (Nov 1)
Jake Gint: Pumpkin head market (Nov 1)
Cain Thaler: I'll take a break from pessimism (Nov 1)
Rajun Cajun: Pullback to the 20-day (Nov 1)
chessnwine: Melting away the coked-up rally (Nov 1)
bigdad06: China moves on water! (Nov 1)
RT: Lauren Lyster (Nov 1)
Gerald Celente: Liberty Plaza, part 3 (Nov 1)
(new) NewAmericaNow: Greece: SHTF imminent (Nov 1)
(new) Christopher Greene: MF Global is next Lehman (Nov 1)

(new) Business Insider: Europe - What to expect in the next 24 hours (Nov 1)
(new) Business Insider: Fitch joins mass freak-out over Greek referendum (Nov 1)
(new) Business Insider: The sad story of why everyone's angry at Italy (Sept 23)

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