Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Asia taking silver higher

4:44 pm (Hawaii) Spot silver at 38.20 after Sydney and Hong Kong open shop. Impressive. We'll see if it sticks ... again, since Hong Kong opened its gold futures instrument, PMs have been on solid footing. So far.

6:20 pm (Hawaii) Until this week, the last time Asia bid Spot Silver up like this ... the CME Mafia shot them down in cold blood. Asia never really recovered until recently. Yesterday, Asia kept the price at the 36-36.50 level. Tonight, price has gone from 37.75 to 38.50. Last price was 38.26. Spot Gold is at 1527.90, still holding its ground after Monday's move from 1516 to 1525.

Zero Hedge: Euro gold confiscation scheme unfolds (May 25 2011)

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