Thursday, May 19, 2011

Keiser on JP Morgan, 'free gold' in Afghanistan

4:36 pm (Hawaii) First time I've been to the site and watched one of the videos. Keiser can be a goofball, but what he says about JP Morgan, the Pentagon and "free gold" in Afghanistan (11:45 or so on the video) is pretty much what a lot of us peons have thought.

Side dish: Hong Kong MEx has reopened within the past 3 hours and Spot Gold is climbing back up (1495.80). Spot Silver is at 35.14, consolidating and putting me to sleep. Still not sure about whether to get more physical gold and/or silver here.

Update 8:16 pm (Hawaii) More on JP Morgan, the Pentagon and Afghani gold mines.

Fortune: JP Morgan's hunt for Afghan gold (May 11 2011)

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