Thursday, May 26, 2011

Sentimental reasons?

1:06 pm (Hawaii) Finally, a moment to relax, get off the road and have some fine home-cooked style lunch in a small town, slower pace. I'm at peace here. Catching up with the wisest of the wise online. Brother Turd sees today as proof that the PMs are too strong to be taken down for long. I can't disagree with him, even though fear shook me out of EXK and AGQ earlier. I can't be mad at myself too long. Even if I'm right and silver spot price plummets, that's just an opportunity to buy more physical.

At my age, with my patient, deliberative nature, it makes more sense to ride out the storms and venture out to the destination, to the place where my conviction lies. I may just do that.

Turd Ferguson: Changing sentiment (May 26 2011)

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