Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Buyer's remorse?

2:20 pm (Hawaii) No remorse here, not short term anyway. I've bought almost all the physical gold and silver I could lately, especially after Spot Silver dropped below 35. But just for fun, I'll go look at some of the stuff I bought, have ordered or just didn't get.

• Scottsdale Silver 10-oz bar. Still waiting on this, being patient, and it'll feel great in my hands. I bet I'll wish I had 10 instead of just one. Ordered it at $387. Now going for $407.

• The Academy 10-oz hand-poured bar has always been the apple of my eye. Never ordered it. It was around $382 a week or two ago. Now going for $405.

More later. Got errands to tend to.

Update 4:23 pm (Hawaii) More stuff I either got or couldn't get.

• 10-oz Englehard silver bar. I got this when the "cash discount price" was roughly $415. I paid more (credit card). Now going for $432 ($443 credit card) at Provident Metals.

• Silver American Eagle (2006) is something I picked up off-island for $40.77 apiece. Now going for $45.21 ($46.43 credit card) at Provident.

• Gold American Eagle (2006) is another coin I have, but only the 1/10. Random year price is 172.75 at Provident. I got mine at $180, slightly overpaid, but happy to have a piece of gold.

• Gold American Eagle (random year) 1/2 oz. I ordered this recently and paid $816 or so. Now going for $825 at Provident.

I'd love to get a lot more silver ASEs but I'm torn between something like that, a US Mint-backed coin with a big premium, and silver (and gold) at the cheapest possible price. I've read the arguments for and against paying premium. Not like I'm about to buy 100,000 ounces anyway, but I keep learning. Preferable to being ignorant.

The ideal, of course, would be a collection of big bars (savings) and coins (fun). Something to shoot for, no doubt.

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