Friday, May 27, 2011

Conviction vs. fear

10:01 am (Hawaii) It's a matter of conviction here. Gyrations will come and go, but the last time I had near this much confidence in a stock or sector was AAPL a year or two ago. I held from 215 down to 190 with almost full confidence, and was rewarded later. (Sold at 257, far too early, but still...)

Re-entered XG (10.67) and DGP (48.96) before the close. I had some confidence in Spot Gold when the week started and I am more convinced now. Funny things can happen over a three-day weekend, but a rebound in the euro is not likely one. Not touching silver until premarket on Tuesday, at the earliest.

New positions are small. I'm 80% cash and ready for a pullback on Tuesday if it happens.

Entry points, not so hard. Managing exits, that's key. I am glad about getting more physical gold and silver a week ago. Need to balance the positive with the negative instead of dwelling on negative exits.

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