Thursday, May 26, 2011

A brother with a big brain

8:22 pm (Hawaii) BrotherJohnF is one of the most stable, steady hands in the community of vlogging analysts/commentators on silver. This is one of his better videos, a simple reflection of price over the past decade. He began accumulating junk silver when it began to break out around 2003 or so and has continued to stack since.

It's interesting to me that while he points out the obvious manipulations and activity, he doesn't go into detail about it. In fact, his point in this video is that there is nothing those entities can do to stop silver's ascent in the long run. The higher highs and higher lows on the 10-year chart affirm what BrotherJohnF says. His target is $68/oz.

It's not often anyone in this world of PMs looks forward that far, and those who do come up with big numbers. Huge targets. BJF has four figures in mind for silver at some point in the distant future. But near term, he sees 68, and I can't disagree.

(video) BrotherJohnF: Silver Update: Keep Stackin' (May 25 2011)

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