Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Pop tomorrow, bear raid later?

1:06 pm (Hawaii) Makes sense to me. As Jesse says, the last time there was a PM pop on options expiry, a massive bear raid on the following three-day weekend ensued. We're entering a similar scenario this week. I was already planning to cash out before the weekend.

Update 4:35 pm (Hawaii) Here's the perspective of the eccentric genius, Le Fly, who is taking precautionary measures (as always) for an inflationary environment. He expects some form of QE3 to start sooner or later, lest Greece default, the Euro banking cartel collapse, and drag the US into the gutter with them.

iBankCoin: The cost of inaction is too great (May 24 2011)

Update 11:58 pm (Hawaii) A quick look before bedtime was worthwhile. Spot Silver up at 37.15. Brother Turd noted that there is little resistance to 39. We shall see soon enough!

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