Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Apple propaganda

Delay? What delay? Any delay regarding Apple and AT&T has been treated as a mini-catalyst. For every story about iPhone flaws, there are the huddled masses gathering at Apple stores to pick up their spanking new 4Gees.

I've never owned an iPhone, iPad or even iPod, but that makes me no less an afficianado for information about Apple. Though shares could plummet back to its two-year low of 78 in a global meltdown, products would be no less cool and hot. Even with the two-day pullback, AAPL is in the red zone at 270.

I remain 100% cash in this thoroughly manipulated and acidic environment. Maybe it's finally time to get a toy for myself. Me and an iPad. Wow, that's too much. I'm salivating. No. Not really.

Some of these reports are a week old. Hey, I'm catching up.

Camping out at the Apple Store for cash Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
New iPhone arrives; rivals, beware New York Times (David Pogue)
Apple confirms white iPhone 4 delay until mid-July Gadget Review (Chris Gullo)
(new) Those iPhone 4 lines could get ugly CNET (Caroline McCarthy)
Team Droid X: the anti-Apple? Fortune (Stephanie N. Mehta)
(new) Verizon keeps unlimited data for new Droid X CNET (Marguerite Reardon)
Google: 160,000 Android activations per day Fortune (Seth Weintraub)
Analysts scramble to raise AAPL targets Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
App Store: 1% of Apple's gross profit Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
The iPad at The Plaza Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
Apple's iPhone 4: The reviews are in Ethiopian Review
Video: AT&T stops iPhone 4 preorders after day of frenzy Dallas Morning News
Lines form for the new iPhone in New York and Tokyo (Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)
What's driving iPhone 4 sales? Fortune (Philip Elmer-DeWitt)

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