Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Do you believe the Russians?

They say the floor of the Gulf is unequivocably fucked. Here's a story that reads quite legit until you glimpse at the home page and notice they also have links to stories about UFO sightings. Take that for what you like. But the Russians say the Gulf and our oceans may be dooooooooooooomed.

According to Sagalevich’s report, the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico is not just coming from the 22 inch well bore site being shown on American television, but from at least 18 other sites on the “fractured seafloor” with the largest being nearly 11 kilometers (7 miles) from where the Deepwater Horizon sank and is spewing into these precious waters an estimated 2 million gallons of oil a day.
Note that this story ran on June 10, before today's White House announcement that there are 60 million barrels of oil leaking out of the "volcano", not the previously estimated 35 million. BP, according to Matthew Simmons, is done by summer's end. Know that he's been wrong, like way out there, foul-ball territory wrong before. 

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