Friday, June 11, 2010

Nat Gas update: RRC

Range Resources Corp. 
Thursday, June 3, 2 pm Eastern: 46.79
Friday, June 11, close: 49.65
Gain: +6.11%
Candlestick analysis: "Buy Confirmed" today at 49.36 (American Bulls)
Summary: What a putrid gain. Sure, it's not the worst among natty gassers since Obama's clean energy speech, but a company with $876 million in revenues and $286 million in cash should have a better stock price, right? Maybe. Total debt is a "n/a", which tells me there's a lot of downside to RRC that hasn't been revealed publicly. I'd stay away. Two execs rake in more than $1 million per year. Until this debt issue is settled, why bother with RRC when there are a lot of growing, fiscally superior nat gas plays out there? 

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