Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Nodding off, but Natty Gassers fueling up

Just as I got up from a sitting-up-at-my-desk nap, natural gas stocks are rallying. With the market climbing back to break-even levels, 21 of the 40 natty gassers on my list are in the green, a huge change from the one-hour point (an hour ago) when only three were green.

MMR dipped from a 5% gain down to a 3% pickup, but is now back to 5.67% ahead (12.67). CRZO is up 2.57% (20.76), but I still have my sights set on WPRT and CLNE.

Hitting the sack soon. Almost 6 am here in the islands. European markets close in 10 minutes, so I'll be watching closely. Might enter small, small positions in AAPL, WPRT and/or CSTR. If I go long, I'll hedge with FAZ or VXX.

Volume still too thin to take any direction seriously. Might be best to stay in 100% cash and fuggedaboudit.

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