Thursday, June 24, 2010

Apple propaganda and problems

On the day of iPhone 4's debut, more, more and more Apple news.

(new) Apple responds to iPhone 4 reception issues Engadget (Joshua Topolsky)
iPhone loses reception when you hold it by the antenna band? Gizmodo
> Includes solutions by users, still no response by Apple
Analyst predicts Verizon iPhone in 2011 (Nicholas Kolakowski)
iPhone 4 review: The best smartphone ever? Fox News (Clayton Morris)
My excellent SIX HOUR iPhone 4 adventure SAI (Dan Frommer)
Video: iPhone 4 is out, complaints are in CNET (Erica Ogg)
New iPhone isn't broken, iOS 4 is SAI (Nick Saint)
Apple iPhone 4 antenna problems confirmed via tests PC Mag (Mark Hachman)
Are you killing iPhone 4 reception with your bare hands? CNET (Jessica Dolcourt)
That iOS 4 reception issue is looking more and more like a software bug Boy Genius Report (Micheal Bettiol)
Yellow spots on iPhone 4 screens could be due to rushed manufacturing SAI (Jay Yarow)
iOS4 upgrade breaks iPhone-to-car stereo connection SAI (Nicholas Carlson)
Yes, if you drop your iPhone 4 several times on asphalt, it will shatter SAI (Nicholas Carlson)
Is HP the Next Apple Motley Fool (Rick Munarriz)

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