Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tuesday winner: Tesla?

This company has no real revenue, a car company without a manufacturing plant. Fundamentally, this is the king of el stinkos. But a green-energy car maker has a certain attraction to a segment of the investment world. Not me. Even if I were a billionaire, I'd think twice about investing here. Tesla is two years away from hitting stride; part of the reason it went to an IPO today was to raise necessary dollars. During those two years, other automakers like Nissan will unveil electric cars of their own.

Tesla  (TSLA) closed at 23.89 today, up 40.53% from its original price. It opened after 11 am Eastern at 19.00, dipped to 17.54, and rose after that. I'm not crazy enough to play an IPO on a day like today, so to those of you who played TSLA for a nice pickup, kudos.

TSLA 1-day chart (5-minute bars)

TSLA 1-day chart (1-minute bars)

TSLA vs. F, VXX, S&P 500

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