Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Nat Gas

It's the mother lode. I'm not talking about the "volcano" BP unleashed in the Gulf. Natural Gas stocks are exploding today. My list of 40 are up a combined 2.45% and as a group they're now up more than 12% since Obama's clean energy talk nearly two weeks ago. This might be the best single-day gain (so far) I've seen with 39 of the 40 on my list in the green.

HERO is up more than 10%, CLNE, BRNC and KOG are up more than 5%. REXX and NGS up more than 4%. CLNE (Clean Energy) has gotten some nice pub on TV lately. I missed the boat on this move. Much as I like a few in this sector, I didn't take the ride even though nat gas is one of the few plays with some semblance of an edge in this environment.

The Notorious U.N.G. is up 1.6% to 8.69. Wow. Even Finerman on Fast Money said yesterday she opened a position.

Interesting that BP is actually up from its intraday low, trading at 31.90 (+4%).

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