Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homework: TGP

Never head of Teekay (TGP) until today, but with crude oil prices continuing to rise (and rocket?) due to dwindling supply brought on by BP's disaster and the moratorium on deepwater drilling, it makes sense that delivering energy is going to become more common. 

From Teekay's profile: "... provides marine transportation services for liquefied natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, and crude oil." 

Teekay comes with an 8% dividend

Teekay LNG Partners LP.
June 17 (closing): 30.05
Profit margin: 14.83%
Operating margin: 46.55%
Return on Assets: 2.83%
Return on Equity: 5.89%
Revenue: 341.11M
Quarterly Revenue Growth (yoy): 21%
Quarterly Earnings Growth (yoy): 12.5%
Total Cash: 118.56M
Total Debt: 2.38B
Shares Outstanding: 52.34M
Float: 22.73M
% held by Insiders: 10.39%
% held by Institutions: 43.1%
CEO: Peter Evensen, n/a
Candlestick analysis: "Hold" (American Bulls)
Summary: Definite red flags here. Enormous debt compared to rather miniscule revenue. That cash-to-debt ratio is roughly 1:7. Yuck. CEO's salary is a mystery. I hate that shit, too. All this is trumped, of course, if transportation (gas) costs rise and people turn to TGP more than ever. Then the numbers could be record-setting for this company. Factor in the microscopic float and this could be a fast mover up and down. 

TGP 2-month chart (daily) vs. BP

TGP 1-year chart (daily) vs. BP

TGP 3-year chart (weekly) vs. BP

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