Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spin class

Up and about here in the islands for the past hour or so. It's now 9 am Hawaii time. One hour left in the session and things are looking up despite a horrid start. AAPL sold down to 267 before rallying to 272 in the last few hours. Impressive. The FOMC is helping, but how much can it do to prevent a downside dip?

The final hour should be interesting. Housing numbers are horrid, so who wins the battle between the bulls and the bears. I've got some catching up to do starting with the Q-Man. Here's his take on the market after yesterday's close.

Business Insider is never exactly a sunny place to be, but is there any way to spin BP's latest bungle in a positive light? Robots accidentally making the situation worse? Nope. Supposedly, this has nothing to do with the deaths of two people on the cleanup crew.

Not to mention how it's raining oil now on shore. Maybe BP will buy that oil back from Louisiana residents. I wouldn't put it past them.

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