Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Conspiracy reality?

Free market? Yeaaaah ... but more accurately, FOOD CHAIN. Give the inmates autonomy and the food chain will always surface. So maybe GS has the market under its thumb and is propping rallies to support four freaking IPOs this week. Sure. Happened before so why not now?

But is BP going to sink massively on a Reuters report that BAC will consider it untradable beyond 2011? Now Fast Money is saying the Fed has announced that it's not 35,000 barrels leaking out of the Gulf, but 60,000. This coincides with Obama's speech later today. All the info is leaking, pun intended, in a predictable pattern. Anyone long BP? You gotta be hedging that shit, please.

I look out my door and see a mountain flush with foliage. I look the other way and see an ocean of blue. I am blessed. We all are. Some blessings, however, just weren't enough for us and we had to go wreck them. Now I just hope our oceans can stay blue beyond the coming months. Maybe humans really are the scourge of the Earth.

We clearly cannibalize each other in the free market. Better to be higher on the food chain. Here's a look at most manipulated (by high-frequency machines) stocks and how to become your own high-frequency operation. Not that I'll be trying it...

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