Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Spain vs. Germany

Wow, Spain is calling Germany's bluff. They dare yank the curtain on unified Germany with this move, calling for Euro banks to face stress tests.

This is great for Spanish banks like Santander (STD) ... right? Or will the Euro tank if Germany's banks are found to be uneven? In that case, the Euro falls and STD, uh, gains? If the Euro falls, how can that benefit STD?

After those nice recent gains for STD, this can't be a win-win situation unless Spanish banks prove to be solid, or just as solid as German banks. But any negativity would cause financials in general to recoil, just my guess.

So really, Spain calling Germany's bluff can't be good for anyone unless you're long FAZ. Might be good to hedge with FAZ if you're long any finnie.

What strange times we live in, indeed.

In Spain, they have the sense to use 
beautiful models as tennis ball girls

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