Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Housing starts, tax credits, blahblahblaaaah

Look, economic data is always vital to the market's lifeblood. But this is one of those days when overbought is just overbought, and it takes very little to send stocks into a sea of red. It wouldn't take much of a catalyst to turn things around for another low-volume rally, but it hasn't happened yet and there's nothing ahead that will be, apparently.

As many as 10 nat gas plays on my list were in the green 30 minutes ago, but now, one hour into the session, there are just three. FAZ has moved up, now a gain of 1.62% to 14.50. SCO, TLT and VXX are also up fractionally. Dow is down 60, NAS down 13 (-0.59%) and S&P down 7 (-0.64%).

Majority of natty gassers still showing a double-digit gain since Obama's clean energy speech, led by WPRT (+27.63%) over the past 13 days. Looks like a flat session and a continued selloff in store, as expected.

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