Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homework is Good

There have been times I did little homework, then traded. Then I've done a good amount of homework, then did little or no trading, as I did with my Nat Gas numbers two weeks ago. I prefer the latter approach much better.

But I'll do some homework for the next hour or so. Those of you who have stayed out of trading for the past week or two, I'm there with you. Sure, we missed a run, but if you're in Hawaii like I am, we got a lot of good sleep. No complaints there.

This is another step, probably, into my acceptance of swing trading rather than short-term/day trading as a comfortable place to be. Getting up at 2 am for premarket is almost impossible; I've hit the snooze button far too many times and missed key sells. Staying up through the night and all the way into the closing bell is another challenge that I meet with mixed results.

Though I prefer watching the market, every minute of it, my body clock has its own way and the more I fight it, the deeper I crash (physically) when I'm up 40 hours in a row. It is what it is and I'm fine doing more homework than before. It's satisfying, no question.

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