Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Original Asian Playa

You know, much as we used to get a good laugh or two out of watching late-night Tom Vu informercials in the 1980s and '90s — we take accents and humor quite well here in the islands — I do admire the guy to an extent. He dug himself out of hard times and manipulated the American way for considerable personal gain. Even though he's disappeared from late-night TV, Vu has become a prodigious poker player, according to Wikipedia.

Memorable Vu quotes:

• "Are you man enough to get off your lazy American ass and go to Vu’s seminars?"

• "A lot of your friends will tell you, 'Don't come to the seminar. It's a get-rich-quick plan.' Well, tell them, it is a get-rich-quick plan because life is too short to get rich slow."

• "Okay. You've seen me make a lot of money. You've seen my students who are average people make a lot of money. Isn't it about time for you to go out and make a lot of money?"

• "I will not tolerate other immigrants."

• "There's two kinds of work in America: hard work and smart work. Which one are you doing now?"

• "This is not a country club! This is my house!"

• "Are you afraid to ask your Boss for the day off to come to my seminar? Well then you don't deserve to be rich."

• "Today I'm gonna show you how to drive a sports car. First, you need a lot of money!"

• "Don't listen to your friends. They're losers!"

• "Do you think these girls like me? NO, they like my money!"

• "You are not significant! Leuf! Me judge!"

• "At first I got lots of discouragement from friends and stranger who are loser! You know what these people kept telling me? They kept saying, 'Well Tom Vu, you a crazy nut, here you are, a poor immigrant, poor minority, speak no English, no contact, on and on, and you trying to be rich in America! You crazy, man! Look at people out there! They smarter than you are, they not even rich! Who are you to try?' And you know what? I have to keep telling these people every time, I kept saying, 'You are loser! Get out of my way! I make it somehow!' "

Tom Vu, salud!

If that didn't drill the point home, well, here's another chance for you.

Tom Vu today. Supposedly has made $1.5 mil playing poker.

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