Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nat Gas update: HGT

Hugton Royalty Trust
Thursday, June 3, 2 pm Eastern: 19.40
Thursday, June 10, close: 21.00
Gain: +8.25%
Candlestick analysis: "Hold" on buy at 19.60 on June 9 (American Bulls)
Summary: Third straight day up. I looked at this yesterday after Adami pumped it on Fast Money. Huge margins, returns and growth. Looked like an internet stock from the late 1990s except that this trust has cash ($5.65 million) and zero debt. I like that last part. I'm starting to like HGT a lot more than UNG. Caution advised: HGT hasn't been here at 21 since November '08. 
HGT 6-month chart (daily)

HGT 4-year (lifetime) chart (weekly)

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