Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday cinema & library (updated 1100 pm HST)


Update 8:49 pm (Hawaii) Re-entered FAZ with a handful of shares at 60.53 before afterhours trading closed. Not an exceedingly logical reason to enter, especially after it ran from 55+ in the final hour before the closing bell. But if Euroland has more noise overnight, FAZ can make the jump to 65 and 70 rather easily. If there's any sense of resolution for Euro unity, FAZ can go back to 55+ just as quickly. Longer term, FAZ is going to 100. This is a near-term bet. Wouldn't shock me to see FAZ make it back to 50 or 40 along the way.

(new) Woodshedder: Don't get punked by bear market rally (Sept 27)
> The action of the past few days reminds me a lot of what happened after Sept 18, 2008, when Paulson and Bernanke met with members of Congress to propose the $700 billion bailout. The next day, SPY gapped up over 5.5% but reverse to close up 3.4%. After that day, SPY began falling and almost never stopped until it found a temporary bottom in November."

Scott Bleier: Instability is rising (Sept 27)
Scott Bleier: Episode VI: The new, new hope (Sept 27)
Le Fly: German slaves (Sept 27)
Le Fly: Farewell iBC! (Sept 27)
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Jake Gint: Premature emasculation (Sept 27)
> Chart AGQ daily
Le Fly: Golden geese and silver too (Sept 27)
Turd Ferguson: Max Q (Sept 27)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): Do not f@ck with us (Sept 27)
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): 'We deal in illusions, none of it is true' (Sept 27)
Dan Norcini: Gold chart and comments (Sept 27)
> Chart Gold 4-hour
Chris Duane (Silver Shield): Strong like bull (Sept 26)
(new) Cain Thaler: On the subject of cash (Sept 26)
(new) Cain Thaler: Rampaging in silver market (Sept 26)
Jeff Nielson: Precious metals vs US treasuries (Sept 25)

(new) Warren Pollock: The Power Elite (Sept 27)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver Update - Occupy silver (Sept 27)
Realist News: Greek people attacking politcians (Sept 27)
Realist News: Silver jumps 26% in 26 hours (Sept 27)
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endlessmountain: The tell of guilt, regret, ashamed (Sept 27)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Gold and silver report (Sept 27)
Realist News: Media downplaying silver, gold (Sept 27)
morganslv: Silver @ 30.00 (Sept 26)
silverfuturist: Silver down $10 in 2 days (Sept 25)

(new) Richard Maybury: When money dies (Sept 27)
(new) Gold Silver Radio: Fundamentals don't lie (Sept 27)
Kerry Lutz: Guest Chris Duane (Silver Shield) (Sept 27)
King World News: Guest John Embry (Sept 26)
Radio Liberty: Guest Bob Chapman (Sept 26)

(new) (video) CNBC: Fast Money final call: Brian Kelly - Gold (Sept 27)
(new) Business Insider: Zynga's Q2: Numbers more horrible than they look (Sept 27)
(new) Business Insider: Carlos Slim: How to fix the US economy (Sept 27)
New England Complex Systems Institute: Predicting economic market crises using measures of collective panic (Sept 27)
Financial Express: Gold buyers rush in after price slump (Sept 27)
Financial Times: Why gold forward rate inversion is important (Sept 14)

Eye candy

Happy Chicken Studio: Ayaka Uchiyama (Dec 27 2010)
Yoko & Kaeda dance (May 18 2010)
Aya Fukunaga dance (Jan 1 2009)
Micro bikini dance (Jan 21 2009)
Yoko dance (Sept 30 2008)

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