Thursday, September 1, 2011

Thursday cinema & library (updated 1200 am HST)

Harvey Organ: Jobs report tomorrow, surprisingly gold, silver held (Sept 1)
Zero Hedge: Retaliation: Greek budget expert fired for opposing Europe (Sept 1)
Zero Hedge: RIPflix (Sept 1)
Business Insider: Reporter drops hammer on Groupon's PR rep (Sept 1)
Le Fly: Losses are part of the game (Sept 1)
Le Fly: Beware of collapsable markets (Sept 1)
Turd Ferguson: Thursday morning update (Sept 1)
> Charts Gold Dec hourly | Silver Dec hourly
Le Fly: Classic summer malaise (Sept 1)
StreetTalkAdvisors: Why unemployment is about to surge (Sept 1)
Doug Hornig: Tracking gold (Sept 1)
Gary North: World Trade Center Bldg 7 and conspiracy theories (Sept 1)
Scott Bleier: Pavlov is ringing the bell, again... (Aug 31)
Jake Gint: Crap, the Yankees lost (Sept 1)
Jake Gint: Leprechaun tyme (Aug 31)
> JG points to 606 on the HUI as a break signal. HUI closed Thursday (Sept 1) at 603.

(new) James Turk: Alasdair Macleod (Sept 1)
(new) SGT Report: Andy Schectman (part 1) (part 2) (Sept 1)
(new) BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Boondoggle (Sept 1)
(new) Endless Mountain: Spreadsheet tutorial - 100 period chart Gold (Sept 1)
(new) Randy Flag: Gold purchased in Shanghai (Sept 1)
Silverfuturist: Propaganda in gold/silver (Sept 1)
Wide Awake News: Even Goldman is saying it's game over (Sept 1)
chessNwine: Stock market recap (Sept 1)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Scrapping gold from computers (Sept 1)
george4title: Rick Perry scandal (Sept 1)
Keiser Report: Cheap slaves of deflation (Sept 1)

Peter Schiff: Gibson Guitar CEO shreds the Fed (Sept 1)
King World News: Chris Whalen (Sept 1)

Precious art
beardeus: ROCK ON! (Sept 1)

MSNBC: Report: $60 billion lost in Iraq, Afghanistan wars (Aug 31)
(new) PBS: The Crash of 1920 & Great Depression (part 1) (part 2) (part 3) (part 4) (part 5)(part 6) (Mar 12 2010)

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