Friday, September 2, 2011

Weekend cinema & library (updated Sun 1000 pm HST)

2:13 pm (Hawaii) Jim Comiskey insists that today's rally in gold has less to do with the horrendous jobs numbers and more to do with Trichet being "not adverse" to the idea of a gold-backed Euro bond. Adds that Finland is for this and Merkel is against this. See Comiskey's excellent vlog below.

(new) Le Fly: The flood gates have been opened (Sept 4)
"The lawsuit by the FHFA against our biggest banks is infectious and will likely destroy the very banks we bailed out in 2008. ... My guess, these suits will take years to settle, but will effectively hamstring the banks from lending money to you. The net result will be hilariously sad deflation and a broken banking system. ... I don't are about QE3 anymore, since the fucking banking system is about to be led to its demise."
Dan Norcini: Gold 4-hour chart update (Sept 2)
"They (Comex perma bears) know full well that if they are unable to absorb the plethora of bids or buy orders... gold will be at $2,000 before the month is out."
Le Fly: Something is afoot! (Sept 2)
"Big money needs safety. They can't leave it in the bank; the FDIC doesn't secure big money. ... There is a major bubble being built in 'non-risky' assets, ironically. Swiss Francs, government bonds, high grade corporate bonds, gold, silver, utilities, are being overrun with old money."
"I will only initiate short positions into strength. I am NOT fucking chasing these stocks down a rabbit hole, only to have a fucking grande piano thrown on my torso by Bernanke."
Zero Hedge: Massive wave of lawsuits to be filed by US against biggest banks (Sept 2)
Scott Bleier: One fond hope... (Sept 2)
"This time I bet the stimulus will not be so 'asset friendly.' Continue to be forewarned."
Le Fly: Obama the Zero (Sept 2)
Jake Gint: Skiffles for Zuul (Sept 2)
eBay: JPM Chase burning (Sept 2)
> Alex Schaefer: Chase bank, painting en plein air and the LAPD (July 30)
> Alex Schaefer: A chilling effect on speech (Aug 23)

(new) Weekly Telegram: What Bob Pisani forgot to tell you about GLD (Sept 4)
(new) Endless Mountain: The Silver Log (Sept 4)
(new) Bill Still: Croatia & Iceland (Sept 4)
(new) Jesse's Cafe Americain: About those falling interest rates (Sept 3)
> Schiff: We're opening a bank with a gold-back MasterCard
Keiser Report: Greed of no boundaries (Sept 3)
> Guest: Mike Maloney (14:00)
ScrapGoldBusiness: Gold, silver and presidential report (Sept 3)
(new) Harvey Organ: All hands on deck ... economy imploding (Sept 2)
bigdad06: Wake up now! (Sept 2)
BrotherJohnF: Silver update - Silver versus stocks (Sept 2)
Jim Comiskey: (pm) Daily market insights - Metals futures (Sept 2)
SilverFuturist: Silver up, you get a chicken! (Sept 2)
visionvictory: The coming global water crisis (Sept 2)
Hit the Bid: Govt is suing the banks (Sept 2)
Endless Mountain: The Silver Log (Sept 2)
GuildF40: Panic now and avoid the rush (Sept 2)
Keiser Report: Zombies stalking the world (Sept 2)
Alex Jones: Bob Chapman (Sept 2)
Hit the Bid: Just when they pull you in again (Sept 2)
Randy Flag: Spoiled rich children in China (Sept 2)
grgstafford: What I learned about Libya (Aug 28)
Jeffrey Miron: Top 3 common myths of capitalism (Aug 22)
Endless Mountain: Gold over $5,000 per ounce - Coming soon! (May 17 2009)

(new) King World News: Metals wrap (Sept 3)
(new) King World News: Jim Rickards (Sept 3)
(new) King World News: Keith Barron (Sept 3)
(new) Pasha Roberts: 'Silver Circle' US economic collapse (Sept 3)
Coast to Coast: China emerging as #1 economy (Sept 3)
> 1 hour, 19 min
Jeff Rense: Gerald Celente (Aug 23)


CNBC: The Gold Standard (Sept 1)
> Guest: James Grant

CNBC: Modern Gold Rush (Sept 1)
CNBC: Gold Rush: Hidden Assets (July 31)
CNBC: Gold Rush: The Mother Lode (July 31)

DW-TV: The Modern Gold Rush (June 21 2010)

Eye candy
Street Low magazine: Midwest nationals bikini contest (Aug 21)

Metal bling
(new) ArgentPur1OZ: Quarter ounce collection and two Canadian dragon coins! (Sept 3)
silvermad1: 2012 year of the dragon (Aug 30)
(new) ArgentPur1OZ: un ultime franc (Aug 27)
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Augusthumbert: Silver and gold collection (May 10)
999PreciousMetals999: Gold bullion store at Dubai Intl Airport duty free? (June 23 2010)
paranomalg35: Silver Porn Vol 3 (Mar 9 2010)

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