Friday, September 9, 2011

Golden Dragon Effect

12:33 am (Hawaii) Again. Those wild and crazy Asians. Love em. They took the pukefest in gold and made it into a delicious chocolatey whipped cream dessert. Again, like they do almost every night. But once Asia closed shop, guess what? The CME mafia stalks and kills its prey. Gold down from 1880 to 1830 in an hour. This is why I don't touch any DGP or AGQ for now. Crazy fucking puppeteers.

Can't get the silver chart from Kitco. Reads "Service Unavailable." Only fitting. Silver traders must be pissed like hell right now.

Update 12:38 am Okay silver chart is up. Chopped from 42.60 to 41.60 in one hour.

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