Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Monday cinema & library (updated Tue 200 am HST)

Saw Moneyball last night. Great flick. Great minds coming up with a better way to succeed.

11:47 pm (Hawaii) Late start on today's cinema & library. Busy work day, busy other stuff day. Just busy. But I'm nowhere as busy as gold and silver spot prices, which are both ripping higher overseas. If you were brave and/or logical enough to grab a load of physical gold and silver last night when prices were slashed  to remarkable discount levels, a standing ovation to you. If you stepped into AGQ below 100, more power to you. At this rate, with spot silver at 33 now (it was 26 little more than 24 hours ago) and spot gold at 1675 (it was at 1520 or so about 24 hours ago), this is either a sign of the "normal" volatility to come... or the Great Takedown has finally ceased.

Was it enough for the puppeteers to empty out the last of their naked shorts in silver? Probably not, and that's not really a concern in this moment. All I need to know is how to deal with my modest position in DGP once premarket trading opens in about 2 hours. If the market rallies (I have no idea), my eyes will also be peering in on FAZ and FAS. As there were discount prices on gold and silver, there will again be low, low prices on FAZ soon enough. I plan to ride that express from 55 or 50 or 40 to 100, but I won't pretend to know when that particular train is leaving.

Golden pukefest?No anxiety for physical owners

Hi ho Silver! Already 30% above yesterday's low. 

Update 2:02 am AGQ at 130+ (+14.9%) and DGP at 55.84 (+7%) as premarket trading opens. AGQ was available yesterday below 100. In and out is the way for traders. Quick and efficient preserves capital. Or as Robert Nesta Marley once said, "He who fight and run away live to fight another day."


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