Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wednesday cinema & library (updated Thur 200 am HST)

2:00 pm (Hawaii) Watched Fast Money on the DVR and was surprised just a bit that Dick Bove is back to shilling for the banksters. A few weeks back he said the market was in trouble, flat out bad place to be. Now he's touting Bank of America without a trace of shame. The FM guys blistered him about the tens of thousands of layoffs and the sellout deal with Buffett. But it's clear Bove is playing a bounce to come. BAC closed near its low at 6.39.

The banksters on my Debt Spiral list all closed near lows of the day and it'll be rather easy for them to drop below recent lows. For BAC, that would be 6.01. FAS (11.17) has already traded below the recent low of 11.34. These are borderline criminals and it shouldn't surprise anyone if they hatch something to save their stock prices near term. Longer term, they're going lower. They got the White House to give them trillions over the table and under the table. They're hoarding most of that cash. They pissed off the WH, they pissed off the general public, and they've passed on their toxic assets to Euro banks. They're running out of places to hide.

Seeing Whitney Tilson on FM is a little funny, a little sad. He was right about NFLX long term. He just didn't know it would go to 300 in the meantime. Now that NFLX has gone from 200 to 130 in days, he is probably past the point of remorse.

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> "They are all showing signs of extreme panic. Incidentally, extreme panic leads to jubilation, as bottom feeders eat the carcasses of those being liquidated via margin calls."
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> "This move to the downside is especially worrisome because it is occurring at oversold levels. We could get a real fucked up sell off soon, firmly placing us in the 4 digit range for the Dow. ... pricing in a recession puts the S&P at 850 to 900."
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> "Look at WLT's earnings warning today. That is unassailable proof that China is slowing down, drastically. ... We are heading for a most heinous economic downturn."
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> "If this lone of inquiry continues, it would mean that the Fed believes the likes of JPM, GS, C and friends to be too big."
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