Friday, September 16, 2011

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2:20 pm (Hawaii) Geithner wasn't well received, apparently, in his "visit" to Poland. Guess nobody likes taking financial advice from American ponzi artists — not that Geithner invented the scheme. He's just another part of the machine.

10:20 am The FAZ chart never fails to intrigue my feeble mind.

• The last time FAZ had five down days in a row was June 27 to July 1. Price went from 50.79 (intraday high) to 42.06 (intraday low), a decline of 17.2%.

• Since then, price has been often volatile. The biggest declines: 81.50 (Aug 9) to 54.70 (Aug 12), -32.9%; 73.87 (Aug 23) to 50.10 (Aug 31), -32.2%; 66.84 (Sept 6) to 54.65 (Sept 7), -18.2%. (These are intraday prices.)

• The current fall from 66.81 (Sept 12) to 53.40 (today, after hours) is a 20% drop, right on the nose.

If FAZ needs to go to the lower trendline, that would be roughly 52. It already touched 52.12 earlier today and bounced a bit, running to 55.87 intraday. But there's no conviction by bears or bulls in the finnies right now. FAZ is meandering in this range. Again, if the world believed in the EU and the FED with any sense of conviction, FAZ would be well below 50 and back to early summer levels as low as 40.

Interesting how it trades occasionally. The 1-min chart showed yesterday a clear ceiling at around 57.70 that lasted several minutes. Right now (10:33 am Hawaii), it has stayed above 53.40 since the close (33 minutes ago), with the closing price for each minute at exactly 53.40 (while price goes as high as 53.83 in between). So there has to be a seller or buyer playing this area with a clear line across the sand at that price. Why? No idea. That's just what I'm looking at. Then again it's afterhours trading and volume is extremely thin.

As an ETF/ETN, FAZ is clearly at the whim of all these external factors and headline risks. It's really not an ideal thing to chart. But it's fun, keeps my eyes wide open and offers different perspectives as I watch and wait. Maybe I scale a little bit in here. Maybe I don't. Wait for that softball toss and delivering a home run swing would mean waiting for 50. Or 40.

Or maybe if FAZ breaks this trendline lower, all bets should be off and the market makes a huge rally based on a diet of cotton candy, whopper balls and big gulp sodas. Yeah. That'll last.

10:45 am Hawaii time, FAZ to bounce or break?

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> I agree with DPH that whatever Bernanke unveils next week, China will not be happy. If it's a bigass, unprecedented QE bomb, China will counter accordingly. In other words, timing is key in the paper trade. Price matters. Obsessing over price action? Unnecessary. I'm sticking to price levels no matter what the yakkers say on TV.

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