Friday, September 9, 2011

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2:05 pm (Hawaii) Is it crazy to propose that FAZ will hit 100 at some point? It was there just a year ago. I'm not gung ho on a straight-up run to 100; I expect a last-ditch push by the makers of fiat/Keynesian monetary policy. That would push FAZ back down to 55 or 50, but that will likely be followed by continued collapse in the bankster system and a ballistic surge by FAZ to 100 and probably higher.

So why didn't I go long FAZ today? I actually played it near the high and took a tiny loss. The time to get in was in the past week when it was at 55. Or last week at 50. I prefer not to chase, so I passed at 58 and again today. We'll see what kind of ludicrous new plan the banksters contrive over the weekend to try and save the Euro. I'll be looking to scale into FAZ and/or DGP on weakness at that point.

FAZ daily (quarter)

Trying to analyze an ETF/ETN, especially a 3x bear or bull, is an act of fantastical authoring. Yet, I'll try. FAZ hovered from 40-48 for several weeks before finally making a move to 50. Viewing the volatility with a megaphone perspective (borrowed this from Turd Ferguson's gold charts), the midline shows FAZ now back at the upper level of the lower channel today. It had previously been support level. Also built in is a very recent pennant, very steep, that tells me FAZ will make a drastic move very soon. That fits, more or less, the state of the financials and the buildup of tension in the Euro and banksters on both sides of the pond.

To the upside, I don't even really want to think about that. Clearly, if FAZ continues along this midline — which is perfectly reasonable an expectation — 100 is in the works without a whole lot of effort. It would take something drastic, say an executive order by Obama that requires banksters to release the billions they received in bailout money, to reverse this trend. Maybe.

To the higher upside, it's a move to (practically) infinity. That's totally preposterous and if things really rolled off the tracks and off the mountain, we'd probably see a complete upheaval of the modern stock market as we know it rather than FAZ at 1,000. Mathematically, it's possible. I don't expect it whatsover. Not one bit.

As for Europe, Jim Rogers, the prescient one, expects the dominoes to fall quickly now that Greece is finally down for the count. See the video link below (CNBC).

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